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by Revolutionary Hydra

Crash my teeth out on a boulder, I'm blacking out. The current keeps my head down underneath where I can think. It's certainly the best day yet to inner tube, 12th of June. One time I could not be found. One time you were not around. Some day everything will begin. William Wizard Cauliflower, my favorite friend ever since glaciers melt, ever since water ran—until I'm dead. My favorite friend, are you real? Are you free? Are you ever going to see me? How to make a river a home.
We met one year ago, you brought out your stereo to listen to the war. all we hear was static so I volunteered my antenna head. I could hear your metronome heart beat with a staccato pace. "In regards to robots, Model R4591 is the best and most sincere." "Are you digital inside?" "My half brain half non brain thought of you and you are programmable." "Dancing towards the edge of an infinite-loop universe, I wanna take you on a honeymoon." I did not know that I would soon be hunkered down in a bunker. I'm with the PEEFs now and you are a ghost of my past, I breathe like a canned human, with dust and sediment for gas. Middle of the moon, I dream of you: Creation, Sub-Creation, Counter-Creation, Relation. Like a time lapse sci-fi film shot on a budget, both time and cash with non actors and a background made of plastic. Lunar ash unaltered by the chains of science drop and give me a hundred binary thoughts. I can't take this. I'm jumping chip! Over the radio waves i can hear your static voice, "…that the PEEFs are taking all your time!"
Space Movie 01:49
Cul de sac does the trick, dodging sputnik. Space is a lonely lie tell me why oh why you'd jeopardize this space movie for a polished Polanski? Triangle it ends well for a castle scene from hell. WIth glitter for eyes and foreign cars for spies—they always tend to call him Hamilcar, it's a common compromise. The day will never come when you hear the mortal hum professor's never heard of illimitable as a word.
Misfortune 04:07
Now I'm waking up and I'm going for a drive. I am making a mistake. I am making a mistake, but you know I'll be all right. You are growing a beard and it's changing your face. You are moving away to work on Misfortune, graphic novel masterpiece. I'm already starting to forget what the two of you looked like together. Driving in your Z, you can't drive faster than your own memories. You ask, "Have you seen her lately?" "She's just the same, except for the bleached hair." Sitting next to you speeding, waiting for a fatal error, you will kill us both. "Constance—she's just the same, except for the bleached hair." Waiting quietly for the brakes to fail.
Fox in the snow is like a professor in the know, he has more charm than the city of Olympia. Factions feed from fractured waterfalls, of ardently academic guerrillas, and their allies… Hounds in the know can't complete their chases in the snow, they dream of smoking pipes and Wittgenstein. Riding habits from pronounced chiding habits, and so dear lady, will you coach me in my poaching. I'll be your gameskeeper.
Must you go to work? If I were you I wouldn't bother, but then, I've never held a job. I've only seen you smile, I've never really heard you laugh at words so lightly thrown. Everybody was in such a good mood and you ruined it with your talk of love and law and poverty. It was such a bad move when you threw up your arms in frustration at our ignorant charms. There's more to life than books. You cannot cling to the old dreams anymore, I spent years on your trail. She doesn't have seconds to spare. Well I can't believe that she would ever care. Rather cold, she will leave me behind. Everybody was in such a good mood and you ruined it with your talk of simply taking, not giving. It was such a bad move when you threw up your arms and said what difference does it make now?
The PEEFs 02:10
Did you hide it in the harvester, is it hard to stir, is it life giving? Did you find it in a space movie, where the PEEFs are free, are we going home at last? Bingo trophy don't be so sad…Did you hide it in the canister, and is it sinister, is it apropos? Did you find it in the grocery, and is it gross to me, are we tired of them at all?
Frenchies 03:01
Breton was dreaming of a crouton he called love, on a salad made of greener somnolence. Andre (G.) would say of a Russian whom he loved: "an epileptic in a moral way." Queneau you know was so colloquial and vocal, and mathematically quite local. Camus was blue, a military hue, as he tried to hew his words from rolling stones. Call me morbid, call me pale, I spent the night in a Paris jail for an act both stupid and absurd. Throwing pages in the Seine, it was a place I'd never been, one thousand pictures worth one word.
Van Dyke or Van Gogh, I just don't know if I should be here, on this killing floor? The first step is to avoid Dieppe. We'll play in the fields of stereo and clover, watching Dover. And we'll type up some manuals on how to swim the Channel, 'cuz tonight we're sleeping under the stars.
The subway to the sea was a cyclone trip. We set off down the beach looking for your friend. I called you Lucien; you rearranged my shirt. You said you'd catch a chill, so we caught a cab. You acted like you didn't know me, and I acted like you were the most beautiful thing. When we both looked at the city, buildings straightened their backs with self-conscious self-respect. Every neighborhood we visit, it's the movies we see; that is the only place I want to be. Midnight turns to morning, you're still staring at me. Pillows get to sleep all day.


Originally released by Skrocki Records (SKR002) in 2003.


released April 1, 2003

Jay Chilcote: guitars, keys, bass, vocals
Joseph Chilcote: guitars, bass, vocals
Barton Sharp: guitars, vocals
Robbie Skrocki: drums
Chris Walla: guitars, keys, vocals

Featuring Anna Lange as the radio voice on "Moon Base Dover."

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Walla at the Hall of Justice. Mastered by Ed Books at RFI, Seattle.

Layout & Design by Ryin Kobza.


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Revolutionary Hydra Seattle, Washington

Your heads will describe an arc known as the Revolutionary Hydra

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