The Antiphony

by Revolutionary Hydra

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Michael McKeon
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Michael McKeon and goes it goes Favorite track: Astoria Larking.
Queen of The Gravity Urge
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Queen of The Gravity Urge Intellectual snark with good guitar hooks. Favorite track: Semaphore Should be Sufficient.
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Originally released by Elsinor Records (ELS031) in 2000.

O! never more for me shall winds intone,
With all your tops, a vast antiphony.
- R. Browning.


released August 1, 2000

Recorded and produced by Chris Walla and C.H.I.P. at The Hall of Justice during May and during July 2000.

Design Illustration by Ryin Kobza.

Agnes, High Quality
Bergel, Herbert
Chilcote, Jay
Chilcote, Joseph
Gibbard, Benjamin
Good, Nathan
Herbst, Rob
Levy, Allisyn
Sharp, Barton
Walla, Chris



all rights reserved


Revolutionary Hydra Seattle, Washington

You tried to kill the prime minister, why'dya?
The pope was a target and you just stood by'dya.
You're selling contraband on the side'ya.
Get tortured, take it all in stride'ya.
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Track Name: There is a Certain Shift
YOU know it's never a problem to ask
If you can borrow any of
Those speakers and wires you see on the floor
Instead of sneaking like a rear-view mirror
No one will attempt to drive because it's out of style
There is a certain shift
You know it will never come back in style
Until you put it on in public
Track Name: Great Mumping Villains
I'M not afraid of operating by the warps and bleeps of yon canal.
This living room it needs straightening, as it is it's mostly kind of dead and banal.
(I'm thinking of the time you threw me into the cold Rhine.
Evince how you shone, drinking from the dirty old Rhone).
This river life is so prostrating, I'm always at the beck and call of this lousy little barge.
The Cabin windows penetrating,
Curtains are mostly made of thrift store jeans from Calvin Klein…
(I'm sick of tho sickly cell, divided in hell we are so fine
am I such a boob, sailing down the dear old blue Danube).
So we met this American in Amsterdam,
He claimed he knew all the waterways of Europe,
But all he did was talk about the utter desolation
Of a French railway station at 4am, in the countryside…
It's time to sail the sea, sailing so Mediterraneanly, on cheap wine.
Look over there my mattes, it's the blessed Tigris and Euphrates.
Track Name: If You're Looking for Gloucester
IF you're looking for fault, I can give you the character
If you're looking for blame, I can give you his name…
It's that darn apothecary
If you need a plot device, the bedroom trick is rather nice
If you're looking for Gloucester, just run your eye down the roster…
It's that darn sea food monger.
If you need a moral compass, may I suggest a pointed cutlass
An Oldsmobile sedan is worth two in the Sedan.
Track Name: Foreign Academies
HE won't subscribe to those modern details and what that entails
He thought he should be alone for a while
To learn how to dance in the narrative form
He needs his water to breathe and his time to regret
His decision not to attend a foreign academy
He'll make it over there on his own someday
He starts a book that is too long to read
It is the third one this week
He thought he should stick around for a while
To learn how to write in the narrative form
He needs a city to breathe
And his time to regret his decision to be alone
Near his former academy
He'll learn to make it on his own someday
Track Name: The Antiphony
THERE are times when I'm thinking
I might be losing hope, in regard to chances.
Chances are that you've been thinking along
the same lines, we are diminishing.
Tell me is there potential, to make amends
and still be friends.
Timing you know is key, for both you and
for me, we've had plenty of practice,
and we might get it right, on the nose this
time three feet short of sublime,
I'm zigging while you zag, let's put this
puppy in the bag…
Tell me is there potential, to make amends
and still be friends.
Track Name: Crazy Mike's Video
HEY where did you go, Crazy Mike's Video?
I do not see how you could give way to that new Hollywood.
(It's a matter of taste, it depends on what you're after,
is it chemical intake for the sound of nervous laughter — let's rent Slacker.)
With all these DVDs, why won't anybody love me?
And if we need more, there's plenty down at the new video store.
Bah bah bah bah, bah bah bah bah.
(Ye of little faith, you will become an actor,
a parody of grace or a paragon of laughter — or William Shatner.)
Track Name: Freemasons: Shinplaster or Shinsplints
WITH their velvet ties we call them freemasons
They're trying to acquire the fifty-first state
But somebody forgot the secret handshake
So they rose up in arms and tried to overtake
With their private jets
We call them freemasons
They issue shinplaster to organize their wealth
But somebody forgot to cut the interest rates
So they rose up in arms and tried to overtake
You say that the second time you met me was at the Pickford
I was making fun of vinyl
You say that the first time you met me was on the radio
I was making fun of cinema
"I will never run for office"
"Under assumed names like Hansel or Gretel"
Track Name: Co-pilots of the LCD Scene
WHEN angles become turning points shakers and liars last forever.
We met when we were eight and your parents threw a patio party
I said it to you then everybody finger-paints but no one communicates
Quite like you do with your sarcastic slough
You don't try too hard to make your history heard
And they listen even to the less exciting parts
When angles become turning points memories engage in selective behavior
We ran into each other at the train station in Boston
Do you remember how?
Track Name: Inchoate Goes the Snow Route
WE'RE taking a trip to Texas, we're going to see a show.
My favorite director's in Texas, and I hope you can go!
Now we're on our way to Texas, and we're not coming back, from Texas.
We're taking a trip to Jersey, we're going to play a show.
Visit Paterson, New Jersey, and I hope you can go!
We're on our way to Jersey, and we're not coming back from Jersey.
And how the snow route goes, and goes it goes, it goes inchoate.
And the potential potentate gets plum, and plum plum plum.
No man is an island nation! No ideas but in things!
He cannot overextend to sublimation!
There has always been a bridge to the artistic side,
There will always be a coincide.
Track Name: Phalanx
I HAVE many skills and talents,
It's the nature of the beast, victory hangs in the balance!
Would you like me to marshall your forces in a posture of defense?
All that counts is appearance!
I'm not your Joan of Arc, I'm not your Charles DeGaulle,
I'm not your Alexander, I'm not your Hannibal.
Track Name: Semaphore Should be Sufficient
"HOW dare you climb into my garden like a thief"
He became distracted by a longing, cannot eat
The pull of the wind promised everything but
He wandered several years in desert place before going home
The river flowed between him and her so he thought,
"Semaphore should be sufficient," but it just confused her
So she drowned herself caught up, on the spot
He wandered several years in misery before going home
Track Name: Astoria Larking
LET'S go driving in your Toyota.
We'll drive all night long to Oregon.
We'll rent a winter rates seaside motel, and we'll do pushups…
Let's wake up to the sound of foghorns!
We'll breakfast at the perky Pig & Pancake.
And while you're working on a modified Denver omelette,
I'll remark to myself that this is the moment, ideal for portraiture.
Especially if it had been painted by John Singer Sargent.
Track Name: Egg Toss Frequency
WE sat and talked for hours about how we knew in school,
And how you hid your face so that they would not see you.
You function at the speed of egg toss frequency.
I tried to understand how you could be the one to terrify.
Spend all your time out west where it's easy to get lost,
And no one asks questions about simultaneous thoughts.
You function at the speed of egg toss frequency.
Track Name: Dunkirk
SOLDIERS sitting in the sun, it's my last good breath,
Aeroplanes overhead, encroaching with stereo bombs…
That lemon tree was so effulgent, and your smile it was sweet, and indulgent.
So let's go walking hand-in-hand down the boulevard of better times and better places.
Track Name: Bunny Parade
WHAT is it about today I just can't seem to find my way
My memory seems reluctant like an unlucky elephant
How would my dear friends concur? My plight just gets funnier
Missing out on fun, missing the bright sun
Missing rendezvous, means I'm missing you
I am stuck behind this long parade of bunnies
We met in a library you were a dusty visionary
My memory may be hazy, but I thought you were silly crazy
How could my dear friends disturb?
My plans, I'm stuck on this darn old curb
Missing out on fun, missing the bright sun
Missing goochy-goo means I'm missing you
I am stuck behind this long parade of bunnies
Track Name: Pinball Blizzard
IT'S unpleasant you're a peasant with an old TV life, and a chip on your shoulder
Try to invest in Mork & Mindy but you find it kind of spend, and so you stick with Mulder…
Oh the landslide, it's just a nasty avalanche. Oh the landslide
Love endeavor, you're so clever with your new TV wife, I hear she's really built,
Don't you dare stick that fishstick in the wrong fishstick place, the songs will start to s-p-i-l-l.
On your backside, hight denominator rush, on your backside
You're just a pinball wizard, Dairy Queen blizzard now testify!
Track Name: Where We Intersect is Collide
LOOK at me, can't you see, I am free, don't you know that I'm alright?